10 Signs That a Relationship Is Not Worth Saving Anymore

A bad relationship will not only make your life harder, but constant fights can also lead to severe depression. Being the only one putting effort into a relationship can be exhausting and tiring, especially when you don’t know where the 2 of you are heading. If it feels as if your relationship is going in circles, it is best to calmly think about whether it is worth saving at all.

Holygiftnews has found 10 signs that can help you decide the fate of your relationship.

1. Your partner avoids spending time with you.

If your partner never seems to find enough time for you but is always ready to spend time with others, this is a sign that they don’t find you interesting anymore. When you really want to be with someone, you find time for them, there’s no other way around it.

2. You feel like a totally different person than you were before.

When you truly love someone, you accept them as they are. Wanting to change the person you are dating or their habits is not a healthy sign. You shouldn’t have to give up on your hobbies or interests or feel guilty about doing something your partner simply disapproves of for no reason. If you were happier and freer before, and feel too caged-in in your relationship, you should probably leave it.

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